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Nai Update Advice
I have corrected an inconsistency in In Which I Acquire An Admirer which required rewriting a paragraph.

You may wish to reread it as the new paragraph readjusts the past a little.

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Hmm. This involves thinking Much Harder about how old various people are and how long Master Que's professional career was. :)

Yes, it did. I drew a timeline.

Hee! I would be curious to see it sometime, if it isn't full of Authorial Secrets.

So Nai was ~3 when Master Que won his last national, so he wasn't *that* far into his retirement when she turned up on his doorstep at six ... though three years is plenty of time to start drinking oneself to death if one's intent on it (and the Nth cup of rotgut comment from his description of that scene sounded like he might've been). So Master Que is quite a bit older than the current incarnation of the Solar Emperor (not what I'd imagined), and his professional career spanned rather more years than the minimum ~ten for the number of nationals he won, or the Solar Emperor wouldn't have been old enough to fight him in five more matches toward the end. (IIRC from the overview of gi, power doesn't really kick in until one hits puberty, and I'd be dubious at letting the Solar Emperor go up against the national champion before his late teens just on physical and mental maturity (crossref Hu thinking about making the same mistakes repeatedly as a teenager).)

... I think that puts the Solar Emperor at ~20 at a bare minimum at the end of Master Que's career, but potentially closer to 30 ...? Probably not much older than that unless Master Que had an exceptionally long professional career.

Of course, that's assuming the new incarnation is born very close to the death of the previous one, which may not be true at all.

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