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Odds & Sods
calm, purple me
For those of you who have some idea of where I live and may have seen comments about our weather this last week, I'm one of the better off. No flooding, no storm damage, didn't lose power and even got missed by yesterday's hail storm. Frankly, I'm well ahead of the game - others are not nearly so lucky.

I do have an overnight hospitalization coming up but that shouldn't be a big deal - there is a general anesthetic involved and they don't want to release me into the wild again too soon.

On a happier note, opinions and advice please:

If a character is completely offstage for the story, or dead & not interacting for that matter, should I write them up in my character bible? (Noting that the dead guy's McGuffin that is the cause of the plot is already written up in said character bible to the extent of a page and a word.)

Also, would anyone like to suggest a name for a twenty year old girl from a North American analogue? Probable WASP background. I'm thinking of Libby but am open for suggestions.

The specifics of the villains are my problem - I have motivation and not a whole lot else yet... Wish me luck.

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Actually...... I can think of a reason to include every character name, even just to say that they're mentioned once and not important: So a reader won't be stuck wondering what they're missing by not tracking down this character.

Or maybe that's just theoretical nitpickery.

I might need reminding who people are, if only so I can pick them up and use them again later...

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