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The Hunting

This is my response to Day 27 of http://aldersprig.livejournal.com/'s 30 Days of Flash Fiction, the list for which can be found at http://aldersprig.livejournal.com/221684.html?view=1245940#t1245940

I fear that if my tale is a narrative you will dismiss it as fiction, thus I give you only a list of events in that week:

1.      Monday morning news came from the village that another murder had been committed, this time Mr Burkin the poacher;

2.      Tuesday afternoon I went to afternoon tea at the vicarage, meeting Miss Moorhill whose guardians had leased Benscott Lodge for the hunting and enjoyed conversation on the latest fashion which she could not wear due to being in deep mourning;

3.      Tuesday night told Father of Miss Moorhill and her guardians and he said they had been dudded as the hunting on that land has always been poor;

4.      Wednesday afternoon I received a visit from Mr Audley whose intentions Father wished me to encourage, but I never could considering that hair and eyebrows, which sounds shallow but is true;

5.      Wednesday evening as we sat down to dinner we received word of another murder committed only an hour or two earlier on the Linton Road and naturally Father was concerned for Mr Audley who would have travelled that way from our house to his;

6.      Wednesday evening later, Sir Kennard Marsden, one of Miss Moorhill’s guardians, came to ask us about any visitors we may have had in the afternoon but Father hardly let me get a word in and I was barely able to mention my suitor;

7.      Thursday morning very early we awoke to the sounds of someone trying to break into the house and gunfire to which Father took exception and went outside to stop, despite my pleas, to be immediately attacked by a monstrous, shaggy creature;

8.      Thursday morning early the gunshot that felled Father’s attacker came from Sir Kennard who, with his friends, is a Knight of the Church come to hunt a werewolf thought responsible for our murders;

9.      Thursday sunrise the dead werewolf turned back into Mr Audley (I must say that men do look very odd naked) and arrangements were made for his burial;

10. Thursday morning treatment was arranged for Father’s bite, else he turns into a werewolf too – everyone agreed that five murders was enough; and

11. Friday morning Miss Moorhill called to bid farewell as they are returning to Town now that the hunting is over.

Tags: 30 days of flash fiction, laksa, simmering darkness
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