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Thinking Thinky-Thoughts
I am playing with a story idea and I'm circling something to do with a possible sidekick character.

For character background purposes, if a North American were going to endow a university sporting scholarship in a foreign nation with aims of cultural imperialism, which team sport would he/she/they specify?

Suggestions gratefully received. (Because the European-equivalents would endow football/soccer scholarships but to me, North America has several possibilities...)

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Probably baseball. Let me check with spousal unit.

Spouse said: How old is the person endowing it, and how much $?
Reasonably large or crazy amounts, and to where?

American Football would work well in countries that have rugby - because the fields would work the same (Cricket to baseball same general idea)

But basketball can be done inside anywhere. Badminton courts, tennis courts, etc.

Baseball fields can be very expensive to add.

He thinks, in general - football, basketball, baseball, with older people going in order: Baseball, football, basketball.

Western-style horse riding is another suggetion - w/ cowboy outfits and all. Because it brings in American culture.

There's always Ping Pong diplomacy.

*laughs* he adds WWE-style performance wrestling.

Or competitive gaming - virtual sports. Some of it depends on the era and the local.

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Nai's country and roughly 80 years ago.

Not that it was actually a North American but I'm using them as a template. :)

okay, so not wrestling. 80 years ago - leaning more heavily to baseball.

And baseball would give him a weapon of choice if he needed one...

Character is changing body shape in my head, I think.

*bounce* Which character did this turn out to be??

He's nowhere but in my notes as yet. :)

ooh! We still get to meet him YYYY

That's the plan. :)

I'm doing actual plotting with this idea before I start writing.

*gasp* Plotting!

(good idea, just not one I do much <.<)

Baseball, then basketball or American football (not rugby, not soccer), then maybe hockey or lacrosse? Or something wonky like western square-dancing, as aldersprig, or whatever wacky autonomous vehicle competition DARPA is sponsoring this week.

I'm thinking baseball, although my original thoughts were football.

In a more-different 'verse, maybe lacrosse which is based on a Native American tradition.

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