rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Green As Grass

I wrote this to the Thimbleful Thursday prompt "Green as Grass."

Dalice had gotten used to having a familiar. Well, almost used to having a familiar. It was definitely a he and went by the name Coromack. Coromack had definite views on his duties and, along with vermin control, they included home security - to which end he patrolled the borders of Dalice’s property and snooped on the neighbours. Most of the neighbours didn’t notice.


Leith Tavers from across the road was the exception. He’d pounded on her door at four one Saturday afternoon soon after she and Coromack had acquired each other and snarled, without preliminaries, “Keep your spying little friend off my property or he will have a nasty accident.”

Dalice hadn’t pretended not to understand, the glare of those green eyes didn’t encourage prevarication. “I’m sorry. I thought he was asleep in the sun out the back. What was he doing?” She had wished that Coromack hadn’t managed to antagonise her neighbour of longest standing. The man was a little odd but she thought she’d always gotten on well with him.

“Peering in my windows, trying to get into my garage, poking at my protections.”

He was still glaring at her and Dalice decided to let that last, odd, item on the list slide. “I’m sorry. I’ll speak to him about it and please let me know if he does it again.”

“Very well.” He nodded curtly. “I hope that will be sufficient.” He’d left on that note and Dalice had spoken to Coromack.

“Of course I checked his place out,” Coromack sat upright, every feather and strand of fur neatly in place. “His eyes alone mark him as a Changeling and all the Faery are dangerous, even those that didn’t side against humanity in the Shadow War.”

“Wait, Leith Tavers, my neighbour across the road, is a fairy?” Dalice was incredulous.

“It’s Faery,” Coromack corrected her. “That small vowel difference is incredibly important, and of course he is. Only Changelings have eyes that shade of green.”

Tags: dalice, leith, thimbleful thursday, winged cat universe
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