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About Nai
Coming home from writing Nai today I realised that, aside from having a page and a half of the current episode still to write, I only have about two more episodes of Nai in my head - plus a few incidents beyond that. Not that I intend to stop writing it because lots has happened in that story that wasn't in the original plan in my head, but I think we're approaching the end of a story arc or something.

The word count is also, I believe, over 45,000. *twitch*

So, should I do something with those words? Something like actually turning it into a book or something? *twitch*

Hand holding may be required.
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If you do decide to publish and need First Readers, I'd be happy to be considered :)

Thank you.

Needless to say, Kwang Jie and Master Que are expanding my time line...

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