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About Nai
Coming home from writing Nai today I realised that, aside from having a page and a half of the current episode still to write, I only have about two more episodes of Nai in my head - plus a few incidents beyond that. Not that I intend to stop writing it because lots has happened in that story that wasn't in the original plan in my head, but I think we're approaching the end of a story arc or something.

The word count is also, I believe, over 45,000. *twitch*

So, should I do something with those words? Something like actually turning it into a book or something? *twitch*

Hand holding may be required.
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Book, definitely. You should be putting your original works up for sale on Smashwords or KDP

I agree! Also, I would buy it (I think that goes without saying). Hey, , you've done this - do you have any advice for Rix?
(*cough* and for me)?

Not much I fear. Some observations:

Smashword's "Meatgrinder" publication system is finicky and almost too much trouble to fool with. And don't even think about trying to meet it's format standards using any version of Word later than 97.

KDP and by extension Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla of the self-publishing game. If you're going to publish any works priced above 99 cents, making them Amazon Exclusives to get the 70% royalty payout is well worth it.

Writing and formatting are cheap. Cover art? Unless you're a fair artist and can create your own, or have a sympathetic friend, expect to pay $50 minimum for any cover art more complicated than the title and your name below it.

And unless you can devote your full attention to writing and publishing, don't expect to make much more than pocket change. Writers like MCA Hogarth and the Andy Weir are the exceptions, not the rule.

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Thank you. There are things to consider...

Book! Though I'm very curious what the "or else" would be. Screenplay treatment? Video game? Choose your own adventure? RPG mod?

I have absolutely no idea - that's the thing.

I do think that you might want to go back and add some more words where you kind of skimmed over things. Normally I pester people about trimming their word count when I'm editing, so this is a good thing. ;)

After that, ebook, sure!

There might, for instance, need to be more people descriptions.

Hrm. I don't know. I can only say that I would not buy it, but that's because I'm a horrible cheaparse who prefers to spend time over money. Like, if you were to offer a copy to editors/final readover for mistakes and continuity persons, I'm happy to do that.
Also, I've not found myself wanting to reread, which is my main motivation for buying a thing - I'd want it on hand in case the internet is out.

Don't let that dissuade you if you want to go ahead though! I'm only one insignificant reader (and just a reader, I don't write), I suspect there's a lot to be learned from the experience that I have no idea about.

If you do decide to publish and need First Readers, I'd be happy to be considered :)

Thank you.

Needless to say, Kwang Jie and Master Que are expanding my time line...

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