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Prompt Call
So, it’s March and I should have a prompt call, I want to have a prompt call and I will. The prompting and boosting window will remain open until the evening of Sunday, 15 March my time, which is probably sometime Saturday the 14th for most of you is now closed.

There is no theme this time, give me a phrase, a word or a short sentence and I will write at least 250 words in response. One prompt per prompter with the exceptions below.

If you signal boost this prompt call then I will write you another 250 words to your first prompt or write to another prompt of yours for each platform that you signal boost on. You will need to tell me that you have signal boosted and choose which option you want written.

If I get five individual prompters then I will write to two more prompts – one from a randomly chosen prompter and one from a list I have stashed away. I will repeat this if I get to nine, twelve, fourteen and fifteen prompters.

I will also write more for cash if you feel inclined to throw it in my direction.

Prompt Extensions

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uninvited guests and unexpected departures.

More ... oh my. More of these people: http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/204621.html or more Nai, as the mood strikes you

Signal boosting like woah.

I rolled my dice and came up with you as the recipient of the extra prompt.

By my count I already owe you another three prompts written to - one each for Twitter, Dreamwidth and LJ. Also, you have three prompts here I haven't written to yet - do you want to add another or do something else with your words?

"Why was the princess up in the tower, and how did she feel about being rescued?"

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