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calm, purple me
It's the first day of autumn here, and yes we are peculiar and don't run the seasons off the equinoxes, etc. We've had a maximum temperature of 36 degrees Celsius and storms are expected later. Tomorrow is expected to be 25 before it goes up a bit again.

The crepe myrtle is still flowering, the early sasanqua camellias have begun to flower, and the errant wisteria down near the railway station is just being confused - not that I object to it flowering multiple times in the year if it wants to.

I also expect my garden to get in one more growth spurt in March, because it usually does.

And now I'm wondering how far off the threatened/promised rain is...

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The four seasons idea never made sense to me. Then I came across an exhibit as part of Vivid and realised that the aboriginal one made a lot more sense. The D'harawal have 6 seasons. Both the ABC and the BoM have something on this - I want to link but then it'll probably turn into a spam post...

I looked it up on the BOM site. I suspect the D'harawal calendar is a close fit for us but I am beyond their northern borders.

Mmm, seasons. When I made Callanthe (or however I'm spelling it this week), I gave them three seasons - in large part because the lake-coast region I grew up in really doesn't /have/ spring, such as it is.

It's 20 here today and expected to get up to 23. :-)

I don't know that I have suitable clothes for that cold.

Layers. And then more layers. And then, for good measure, more layers.

Also a few more layers, and something windproof on top. :}

I am *really* looking forward to spring.

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