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Set The World On Fire
Cowgirl Nymph
I wrote this to a Thimbleful Thursday prompt

“You’re the only descendent of the shield’s creator we could find,” Toliburn375 told the barbarian girl beside him. “You need to activate the shield system so Home World will survive the solar flare.”

“At the expense of the Cluster Worlds,” she said flatly.

“Well, yes.” He went on, “We’ll remake them afterwards – we’ll need somewhere for our experimental results to go, just as we do now.”

“How many people live on Home World?” She waited for his answer.

“The three hundred thousand best of our species.”

“There are billions on the Cluster Worlds. Charboneau has agreed to take you and the problems that will cause. You have time to evacuate.”

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That is an option for those who cannot/will not adjust. :)

Thank you for suggesting it.

Possibly an extreme and untimely one, not knowing how long the flair will last or how bad the damage will be. Could be a death sentence. Could be shipping them to Australia. (Hi! Um. Is that metaphor un-PC?) Could be sending them back to figure out how to use what's left of that shield to destroy the Cluster Worlds ...

All sorts of maybes, agreed.

Including some of their people deciding that the Cluster Worlds are a more interesting/better place to live and stuff Toliburn375 and his ilk.

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