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The Cadet: Part 20

This follows on from The Cadet: Part 19 and was written now in response to the Thimble Thursday prompt "Dark Horse."

“Now we’ll conduct a demonstration of the new records system,” the Academy instructor smiled at the first year class in front of him, “and its automatic correlation of records from disparate databases. You’ll remember from earlier that the war left us with a surfeit of these databases.” He looked around the room, “Cadet Gens, as you’re the hero of the hour, perhaps you’ll do the honours as our demonstration subject?”

Parthi could see from the instructor’s face that there was no getting out of this and suspected a setup. The gig had to be up some time, so she came forward, her left arm in a sling, and gave the required biometrics with good grace.

“Processing,” said the verbal interface, loud enough to be heard throughout the room. “Multiple files identified. Integrating. Medical data being redacted for initial reporting. Initial files tagged Parthi Gens, Pallas Padmavati Parthenia Gens, Gens Parthi, Parvi Jens, or Jienz Parfy. Consolidating.”

Parthi tried not to cringe.

The interface spoke again. “Reporting. Parthi Gens was taken aboard the civilian gun boat Anchor of the Morning as a powder monkey, aged eleven, at Safkella at 11:03 on 3 Domina 1614.”

Someone said, “That’s the first attack of the war.”

The interface went on, “On 17 Domina 1614, the Anchor, with her entire crew, was subsumed into the Active Naval Reserve, subsequently saw action throughout the Eldrack quadrant until the cessation of hostilities on 31 Geova 1621 and was demobilised on 27 Deoseva 1621. During that time, Parthi Gens rose to the shipboard rank of Gunnery Officer and attained the notional Naval rank of Petty Officer, Second Class. On 1 Domina 1621 Parthi Gens was repatriated to her recognised guardians, aged seventeen. Petty Officer Jens is a Certified Level 3 Gunner and was approved for training at the Central Gunnery School to Level Four at cessation of hostilities. The following decorations for gallantry and bravery in the face of the enemy are noted as awarded but not presented…

This is now followed by The Cadet: Part 21.
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