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Prompt Request

I have taken a vacation day and turned this holiday three day weekend into a four day weekend. Yeah is me!

In honour of four days off, I am holding another prompt request and in order to be a little different, this one will involve a theme. (Let’s see if I can write to one. J) I will close the call to new prompts and signal boosting when I get up on Monday morning my time – it is Thursday night here at the time of writing. The prompt request is now closed to new prompts and signal boosting benefits.

The theme will be change and the challenges and adventures that come out of it. There will be two minor themes of moon and water.

How the prompting will work is this:

  1. If you give me a prompt that isn’t on the theme, I will write you 250 words on that prompt. It could be more – sometimes my ideas get carried away with themselves.

  2. However, if you give me a prompt on the theme, I will write you at least 350 words.

  3. If you include a moon, The Moon, or water in your prompt, I will add an extra 100 words to the minimum word count for each minor theme you manage to include.

  4. Finally, if either of us manage to wedge a guide or a mentor into the story, then I’ll up the minimum word count by another 100 words.

You may submit multiple prompts and the mere act of submitting means that I will write to one prompt for you. If you put in multiple prompts, I will probably write to the first one.

If you signal boost this prompt request then I will either write another 200 words on your first prompt or I will write to a second prompt for you – your choice as to which. This will apply to each platform you signal boost on and each day you signal boost.

I will also write more for money. Please see the button below.

Prompt Extensions

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Nai and her teacher have an evening conversation about her training in a moon garden.

And I know where this will fit! I just have to write up to it, and that's what tomorrow morning is for!

They say the moon causes lunacy. But it wasn't that Change I was worried about.

Rensa's going through a lot of changes. Contemplating the moon(s) with (forgot name) cousin-friend-guide while they talk about more changes to come?

The Broker and a deal he won't make - and how that changes him.

Rensa is mainly written but I'm not happy with it so it needs more work.

In the mean time, cam you tell me more bout prompt three? I'm having a complete blank on The Broker - is this a character I've written before and if so, where or when or what was in the story? Thanks.

the funeral story did I get his name wrong? The guy at the end after the superheroes?

Ah, thank you. Now I know where to look. And think.

Mayin takes an after-dinner walk in the moonlight. Bonus points for a "moonlit path" reflection of the moon on the water, but I don't know if that works with the local geography. What was on her Reassimilation and Reintegration Plan beyond a job, an apartment, and the possibility of green and blue people? (And I'm currently amused by the notion of Neoma as guide, after her last line in In The Ashes of Victory, but I doubt that fits into the same prompt.)

Petty Officer Lok & the gunnery crew spot a moon (or is it?) while they're hunting for that enemy ship. Training run not going as planned.

Andrew and Tobia establishing, or deciding not to, some informal mentoring for Wolf Pack. Bonus point for fixing the plumbing and/or the hole in the roof in the annex. :)

Thank you!

Edited at 2015-01-23 03:41 am (UTC)

So I know whether I owe you any more prompts written up, could you let me know if you did any signal boosting before the cut off?

Thank you.

Alas no. I really do put up multiple prompts so you have options to choose from. Should I not?

Theoretically, I could choose but I'm bad at that. I also originally started writing prompts in order of presentation as a discipline of writing to anything, not just what I fancied most.

Besides, I usually want to write ALL the prompts whether I have time or not.

The month ended very differently to how it began.

huzzah, hrm.
Angels universe. Have a phrase: "There was once water on the moon," her older
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huzzah, hrm.
Angels universe. Have a phrase: "There was once water on the moon," her older <word for god's servant colleague> explained, "but that changed when" ...

- Kunama, who can't be bothered logging in

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