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Quilting Class
calm, purple me
And this is what I did with my last two Mondays. It's meant to be a table cloth but I don't think I'll use it for that. I also think it needs a two layer border to finish it off.

For those who are interested, we used 39 5" squares from a charm pack and I bought a metre of background fabric but didn't use all of it (the store had a buy one metre, get one metre free deal on, so it was actually economical for me to get the whole metre.

Charm Pack Class 002

P.S. This is a very bad photo.

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Ooh, I like the not quite perfect symmetry from the fabric designs.

Thank you. I think I had two pieces of each of 21 fabrics. Also two other people used the same charm pack and we all came up with a different result. :)

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