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Local Photos
calm, purple me
So, I stopped off at the lookout on the local mountain on my way home from being out. I haven't been up there for years and the lookout faces east, the opposite direction to my house. It also sits on the ridge across the valley from my place. Here are some photos which may or may not explain a little about how I think about geography.

From Mt Elliot 001
From Mt Elliot 002
From Mt Elliot 003
From Mt Elliot 004

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Treeeees! What kind of trees are those in the foreground?

They're eucalypts or gum trees - multiple species I expect. The silver/white trunked one would be fairly typical but I can't tell you which species it is.

Oh, neat. We don't have anything like that wild in my area.

Yes. In that direction, down to the bottom of the hill, is all Reserve with tracks for bushwalking but otherwise, lots of nature.

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