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A Request To My Nai Readers, And To Anyone Else With A Good Idea
Furry person
I spent part of this morning in a coffee shop drinking things I probably shouldn't be drinking, eating things I probably shouldn't be eating and writing almost a page of the next episode of Nai.

One thing led to another, as it so often does, and Nai and Master Que are staying in an establishment rather more like a traditional ryokan than their usual reasonably priced business hotel. This is the sort of place that charges for the ambience, service, staffing levels, etc. I'm sure you get the idea. (Master Que is paying this time - it's sort of his fault...)

I'm asking for suggestions of who else might be staying at this establishment. I'm not promising that I'll use any or all suggestions but something to bounce off would be helpful.

Thank you.

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Theatre/movie??/opera star/diva
The lady who runs an amazingly good chain of noodle stores.
High-ranking government official.
two kids on holiday

Thank you.

Things may already be beginning to bounce around in my head.

Oh, fun! How about a honeymooning couple who is clearly out of their usual luxury level? Or an older woman who is lovely and sweet to peers, but abrasively demanding of subordinates and servers.

Oooh! More thinky-thought material!

I'm very curious to hear how this is Master Que's fault. :)

The writeup sounds sort of like a resort hotel. Hmm.

Someone(s) here for a carefully arranged assignation. Or hoping to find a summer/vacation romance.
That nit whose leg Nai broke -- Bing? -- being spoiled rotten while he recovers, and probably not appreciating it at all.
A painter working their way through landscapes/gardens/views. And maybe the occasional portrait or appearance-in-a-landscape of another guest.
Someone's relatives from out of town who fled to the nearest available hotel-like-option rather than stay another day in the household of their local relatives.
Someone newly well-off showing off by bringing their relatives/friends/romantic prospects.
A traveling monk/pilgrim/...? (Maybe staying in a spare staff room and helping out somehow rather than paying cash?)

You will hear how this is partly Master Que's fault. :)

But more ideas! Thank you!


* A cousin, uncle, other relative (ooh, a more well off branch of the family?)
* As Kelkyag suggested, a former opponent, either Bing or perhaps one of the ones who defeated her.
* A school group from a snooty school.
* Perhaps a foreigner staying there in the hopes of taking in the local culture.

A cat.
- Kunama the lazy

Would that be as a guest, staff or proprietor?

Cats are the owners. Staff, and the human "owners", are the cats' staff. Guests are irrelevant, except insofar as they interfere with (they better not!) or favor (e.g., stroke or feed) the cat.

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