rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

In The Dark

Thanks to lilfluff's signal boost for the recent prompt call, we have a small follow on from Circling the Wagons.

While Tybalt led them around the darkened house, Elvira fumbled in her handbag for her phone. The full moon outside helped a little with the amount of available light but she could only assume that familiarity with the layout of their home was what stopped the Grimolochins bumping into their furniture at every turn. They were in their third room before she managed to get her phone out of her bag and turn it on.

She had three bars of reception, and then it was gone.

“That’s odd,” Elvira spoke slowly, not wanting to believe the implications and not wanting to scare Joe who was, after all, only five going on six.

“What’s odd?” That was Tybalt. “Let me guess. The phone won’t work.”

This is now followed by Who And Why.
Tags: elvira madden, grimolochin, joe, prince of cats, prompt call 141223, tybalt
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