July 3rd, 2020


Saylie: Lessons Vignette 2

This came from thnidu’s prompt on Dreamwidth.  After taking a hard pivot around a plot hole, this piece came in at 683 words and did not end where I expected it to.  It follows on from Saylie: Lesson Vignette 1.

Today's lesson was taking place under an irregularly shaped gazebo in the back garden of the home of Saylie's mentor, Magister Herotus Zallack.  There was a collection of stools scattered around the covered over space and a small table sat in the middle of the room.  A hammock was strung between two of the supports so that it occupied the length of one wall.  Magister Zallack was wearing his usual outfit of a toga over a kilt, all of it undyed, while Saylie was wearing a greenish-blue sari over a dark blue bodice constructed of silk, knots, and firm twists.

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