August 18th, 2019

Master Que

New Friends and Acquaintances

I have tried to get this posted three or four times already and just kept running out of time to get it done.  Possibly this is an overflow of being tired and having a less than ideal sleep pattern.  Ah well.

This follows on from Our First Day With Guests and runs to 2,943 words.

There was another metal band playing that night at The Blackman’s Redoubt, a group of boys a few years older than me who went by Rings of the Fall. The guitar players were good, the drummer had found some deep voiced drums, and the three of them were doing well at producing the earth song vibrations I’d enjoyed so much last time. I thought that the lead singer was trying too hard to be interesting and his voice…it wasn’t the register, and it wasn’t the volume, because he could actually use a microphone properly, but he never seemed to be on the right note. With a large, bubbly, non-alcoholic lychee and rose drink plus the larger size bowl of spiced mixed nuts in front of me I was prepared to believe that this was normal, and I just didn’t know the music style particularly well yet. Five songs in, when they took a break, I wasn’t so sure.

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