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Rainbow Tears
 This follows on from "A Staff With A Knob On It"  and "Initial Orders" which can be found under the "Agents of Gods and Vard" tag on Dreamwidth and with a number of other stories on Live Journal.  "A Staff With A Knob On It" is rated by me as Parental Guidance Recommended for adult concepts.  This story was written to Anonymous kunama's prompt on Live Journal and runs to 3,272 words.

Pharial arrived at the temple where Ordestia Prima had found Sempleticus Lorax murdered as quickly as he could after leaving the presence of his divine master, the Third Swordlord.  The temple stood a little apart from the rest of the small mountain town, being both on the outskirts and set in its own ornamental park, and there were very few people around.  As Pharial watched without becoming manifest to mortal eyes, a rather-looking Benarian in his mid to late twenties strode briskly out of the temple, through the park and stopped at the entrance.  At first he wondered if this might be the murderer fleeing the scene, but the man hailed a passing youth, spoke with him and then handed over some coins, and the lad ran off in the direction of the town centre.  Pharial supposed from this that the Benarian was the religious of the god Hasnor he'd been told about, although he would have picked the man as a handyman rather than a devotee of the god of carnal love, even though it must take all kinds because humans seemed to produce more humans at a most prodigious rate....

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