June 2nd, 2019


On The Ground

This follows on from All In Motion and was written to M.B.'s prompt on Patreon. It comes in at 995 words.

The three of them withdrew to the edge of the park, which was also the precipitous edge of one of the municipal high-rise administration buildings.  Someone had given some thought to getting people down to the ground without relying on outside help in an emergency, and pivoting bars set with anchor points were positioned on the parapet.  They'd been released from their holding positions, and stood erect at the moment, but once an abseiler was suspended from one their weight would pull it back down into its storage groove where the attached rope would be protected from direct exposure to fire and, incidentally, much harder to cut.  For Mayin and Reaver, wrapping their rope through the harness and tying off while providing suppressing fire was a well-used drill that came back easily.  The Oberxiao wasn't as skilled but he had the concept down and he could shoot straight.

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