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Liavan: Spring - Part 10
This follows on from Liavan: Spring - Part 9, which was originally posted with a spelling error that led to a pun that Ky Arriagh's brothers would have enjoyed....  This runs to 1,995 words and is the last part of this piece.

I feel sure, however, that three more seasons lie in front of me.

They walked around the building, stopping for Liavan to take cuttings of bushes and dig up a few small things.  The descendant plants suggested that there had been kitchen, herb and ornamental gardens back in the days when the building had been in use, and rare or exotic varieties seemed to have been a feature of them.  Liavan had no idea what some of the plants she was sampling were, but others were well known garden and medicinal herbs.  All of them apparently thrived in total neglect, which was a useful characteristic and the ones she or Warden Nierd didn't recognise all looked potentially useful.  There was also the possibility that now the wardens of the royal preserve knew that the building was here she wouldn't be allowed back.  The three of them paused for lunch when they returned to the yellow clay forecourt, and Liavan thought that her cheese and fruit looked more appetising than their handfuls of dried foods that had survived however long it had taken them to cross the preserve on foot.

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