April 28th, 2019


Travelogue: Part 3

This follows on from Travelogue: Part 2 and runs to 3,297 words. 

Note: Everything has wound up blue, which was not what I intended and fixing it will take much playing with the formatting.  Please let me know if blue on white makes reading this post too hard - if it is a problem then it can be fixed but I don't know whether it is a problem, so feedback, please.

Dry Happenstance, where they stopped at midmorning, seemed to be a town of wide verandas, shaded footpaths, and buildings made of red and purple stone, with only a little orange in the mix. The roofs were mainly made of corrugated metal, much of it unpainted and shiny. In the residential parts of town, the train went past walled properties, and the railway station had a tall wall on either side of it. Inside the walls of the station there was a lush garden, reminiscent of the railway cuttings along the line, but full of fruit trees, kitchen herbs and ornamental flowers. It seemed likely to Saylie that the tall walls around the town's houses enclosed similar gardens, and she wondered why the walls made the difference between no plants and this amazing lushness.

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