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A Conversation
This came out of ColleenR's prompt over on Patreon for "a short piece on the perceptions of time...."  It didn't stay being about time, mind you, and there is some important background information for Nai's story in there.  It came in at 1,890 words, so not short - sorry Colleen.
There is a content warning for this one - this story contains discussion of inappropriate historical psychiatric treatment.

"So, you have questions."  The elderly woman with olive skin and liver spots on her face handed her guest a cup of tea.  Her nearly white hair was pulled up into a bun on the back of her head, and she was wearing an old local form of dress rather than the blacks that modern Tang-jians commonly wore.  The tea cups were in the Tang-jian style, tall and straight without handles, and they, together with the teapot, were decorated in a pink on white design of flower blossoms and snowflakes.  She and her guest sat at a round table, slightly lower than her guest was used to, and their chairs had wide seats, backs, and no arms.

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