February 28th, 2019


Liavan: Spring - Part 5

This runs on from Part 4 and runs to 3,215 words.

Liavan was unaware of these events and took herself, together with the two remaining jars of cough mixture from the previous day, to visit the inn on the other side of the Kingsbridge. She suspected that the innkeeper already knew that someone had taken up residence on her hill - the smoke from her chimney must be visible to anyone who chose to look, and she much preferred to be the one to make the first approach. It was past the time that she expected overnighting guests to have left to continue their journeys by the time Liavan arrived at the entrance to the inn's common room. There was an entrance to a paved courtyard as well, but the young withemistress thought that the building entrance would serve her better. The innkeeper might see to the cleaning and preparation of the stables for the next night's travellers, but the person in charge of the housekeeping was more likely to be inside.Collapse )

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