February 20th, 2019


Liavan: Spring - Part 2

This follows on from Part 1 and comes in at 3,435 words.

Liavan woke to the sound of rain outside. She lay there quietly for a few minutes getting where she was sorted out in her mind because her first thought was that she was still in her room in her parents' house and that she would have to go around the house checking that all the south facing windows were closed because that was where the weather usually came from. Then she remembered where she was and that she had overhanging eaves, and then she got up anyway to check the windows because she didn't know that the amount of overhang would be enough. After checking the windows, dressing, having breakfast, and going outside to make sure that the water falling on the roof was draining into the tanks the way it was supposed to, Liavan sat down at her work room table to figure what she was going to do next.

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