February 19th, 2019


Liavan: Spring - Part 1

Back in September 18 I put out a prompt call and zianuray over on LJ tipped me for a second story. It was supposed to be 300 words. The original prompt is here.  Well, after 28,800 words, I have finished what is probably the first of four parts. This is set in the same world, and on the same continent as Consequences and this part runs to 3,268 words.


Liavan was starting her garden from scratch.  She'd marked out where she wanted the beds to be, and now she was lifting the sod from the first one.  That wasn't all it took, of course.  The sod was couch, which showed that someone else had lived here once even if there was no sign left of any habitation.  The sod was going out along the track verge that led past where she had erected her little house, all four rooms plus the attic, water tanks for rain collection, the outhouse, and the simple, low fence with her carefully stored up hoard of magic.  It hadn't been easy, but she had done it.  The hardest part of it had been gathering together everything she needed in the face of people, particularly her family, not understanding why she needed things.  She had lived in dread of her mother finding her thimbral, the round piece of lead crystal that she stored her magic in, and deciding that it was an ornament that ought to be displayed openly on a shelf in the family's parlour where she couldn't use it. 

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This is Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3



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