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More Clancy and Pae'kura
cat wearing fez
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Disrupting Arrangements
Master Que
This follows on from Thank Heaven, Not Everything That Happens Is About Me and is 3,553 words long.

Some university activities may have been disrupted, but my classes weren’t.  The meeting between Professor Pu and the lady administrator ended rather abruptly after the explosion.  She made a phone call and then left to return to the Chancellor’s Offices.  Professor Pu returned to his office to try to find out what was happening to his home before his next work obligation.  Associate Professor Nei Li co-opted Fu Ji into helping him work out which of the graduate students were likely to need a place to stay.  The receptionist had contacted the central Physical Sciences administration to find out if she was needed to do anything for the greater school, and I quietly withdrew to find a pay phone.  When I did, I called Mr Han at Golden Mountain Real Estate in check whether there were any issues on their part if I offered anyone else a room.  The answer was that if it was for a limited period, I didn’t charge rent, and it didn’t result in damage to the property, there wouldn’t be a problem – as along as I obeyed the rules about furniture use.

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This is now followed by An Evening of Conversations.