January 4th, 2019


Family Traditions

This has been written to [personal profile] chanter_greenie's prompt requesting Kim Dharka's views on spring. Kim Dharka has appeared briefly in the Nai episode titled Ripples. This piece runs to 3,026 words and takes place about 2 months before Nai left home.. My thanks to [Unknown LJ tag] for proof reading the pronouns for me.

Kim Dharka was packing a bag to take on a short trip out of town. The process of completing, submitting, and defending a first graduate thesis was done. Northern universities considered that the equivalent of their Masters degree, and the young Tang-jian had received some very interesting and flattering offers to study overseas while completing the second, longer graduate degree that would allow one to style oneself a Doctor of Physical Sciences. The disadvantage to such offers was, of course, that one would have to leave Tang-ji to take them up. Dharka had heard that many northerners still considered Tang-jians to be backward compared to them and was of the opinion that certain visiting northern academics did not treat the local professors with the respect that they deserved. Much as one was tempted to reject the offer signed by Professor Vois out of hand because of the way she had spoken to Professor Hu Kun during her visit to Xiamtian University earlier in the year, it was not a decision one should make lightly. There were other offers as well, more or less problematical, plus the desire to remain with known and supportive associates.

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