December 31st, 2018

Master Que

Thank Heaven, Not Everything That Happens Is About Me

This follows on from I Manage To Cause Contention. It runs to 2,926 words. (There are over 182,000 words of Nai written....)

When I got home Master Que was very interested in the conversation I’d had with Wang Shuai.  “He’s worried about a forced eternal attachment?  I admit that I’d never considered that the members of the Solar Court weren’t where they were and where they are of their own volition.  Interesting.  I’ve never heard of this Xi Tan Li, but I’ll make enquiries through the Hoshun Association.  You should enquire at that library you showed me at the University.”  He gave me a wide grin. “If we can’t find anything, perhaps you should write to the esteemed members of the investigation committee and see if they’ve heard of the book or its author.”

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This is now followed by Disrupting Arrangements.