November 19th, 2018

Master Que

I Manage To Cause Contention

This follows on from In Which the Minutae of Daily Life Does Not Grind and runs to 2,582 words.

Tong Nao was already opening the mat storage when I arrived, so I put down my things and helped him lay out the mats. Then we pulled out the Club’s supply of damas to check on their state. Apparently, the carry-over team members from last year all had their issued ones at home but there were going to be new team members this year, and they couldn’t be handed damaged garments to represent the university in. The pants were cream, and the tops were mid-blue and black with the Club logo on the back and the left upper chest in white. I was a little thrown by the absence of tabaki, but then I remembered that these were for an amateur competition, so the team members would be fighting barefoot.

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This is now followed by Thank Heaven, Not Everything That Happens Is About Me.