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Social Business
Master Que
This follows on from Unexpected Afternoon Episodes and runs for 2,921 words.

We repaired to The House of Internal Repose, which I would never have found on my own as it was in through a side door between two shop entrances on the Boulevarde, and then up a flight of stairs to a large room that was open to the afternoon air over a courtyard or alley on the opposite side of the building to the Boulevarde.  The outlook of a wall of apartment windows in a brick wall was partly obscured by a row of ornamental plants along the ledge of the tea house, and I hoped that the large bamboos and jade plants also enhanced the outlook of the apartment dwellers.  We were met at the top of the stairs by a lady of the formidable category universally addressed by the rest of us as “Aunty”.  Master Dang asked the middle-aged lady with permed hair tied back in a headscarf for a table for five, and in one breath she both introduced herself as Aunty Reng and then flirted with both Master Dang and Mr Li.

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This is now followed by It's Not All New Now.