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Change Can Begin Slowly
frustrated mother of teenager
This is my 11th story for the Apocalypse Bingo and it was written to the prompt "It's Not Safe to Go Out ... Or Is It?" It is concurrent with the latter part of Mixed Luck.  It came in at 868 words.

"There are power fluctuations in the barrier level again," announced Gritta from where she was watching her assigned control panels. "They've already lasted longer than that first time, and they're moving around the level in an orderly fashion."


"It's been almost a month since the first time," observed Ithen, as he moved to take up a supervisory position behind her. "Have the cyber units activated?"


"The barrier level units have moved to second level standby, as they did last time, sir." Bin wanted Ithen's job one day and he was going to flatter his way to it if he had to.

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This is now followed by
Manoeuvres in the Dark.

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