January 14th, 2018

frustrated mother of teenager


This is my sixth story for Apocalypse Bingo, from the prompt "Arenas! THUNDERDOME!" and it came in at 4,326 words....

"Out you all get!" The overseer walked the length of the transport hold, clapping his hands and shouting to get everyone's attention, rather than the whip on his belt. "This is the Capital of the Most Glorious Wemblian Empire, and you are the tribute your newly conquered people have sent to demonstrate their submission and loyalty to our masters, their Conjoint Imperial Glory Jaymes and Harrod. Behave yourselves. Do as you're told, no matter how hard it is, and your people will benefit from Their Glories' benevolence. Prove rebellious, and your people will be treated as rebels." He paused for effect, then said, "Their safety depends on each of you. Remember that. Villages have died because a tribute wouldn't permit an indignity or try to perform set task."

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