January 9th, 2018

frustrated mother of teenager

Business Matters

So, here's my fourth story of the Apocalypse Bingo, written to the prompt "Ray Guns." It came in at 3,113 words.

Chid knew not to be overeager, so he approached Mr Thaswick's table at his usual pace. Mr Thaswick, a grizzled old man who had once been a formidable salvager, was prepared to deal with small time scavengers like Chid and he paid fair prices. It gave him a regular team of scavengers bringing what they could find to him first, and he made his money by consolidating his takings and selling them on to the processes. Those fair prices, and his position close to the gates, meant that when one of his regulars had a bigger find they still came to him, instead of going further into the Market and finding someone like the Vambrance Brothers or Miscericord. Tandous Market could be a harsh place if the wrong people thought you had something you wanted, and Mr Thaswick offered Chid and his ilk a measure of safety.

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