March 8th, 2015


The Finals Of The Provincial Tournament

This follows on from Surprises At The Provincial Tournament and runs to 3,351 words.

After Rau Wang’s victory, the lead up to my last two bouts almost seemed like an anticlimax, no disrespect to my opponents. I did wind up feeling sorry for Soong Chi’s teacher because he had to stop his student’s father from lodging a groundless appeal - I think his grounds were that Rau Wang was Khem as well as poor and thus couldn’t possibly have beaten his son in a fair fight. I saw a judge join that discussion and another join Rau Wang and Master Lao. Soong Chi had looked disappointed and surprised to lose, but by the time we had to leave to be about our own business he looked as if he wanted to disappear through the floor. It probably didn’t help that his mother was trying to console him while he was attempting to handle losing like an adult.

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This is now followed by In Which There Is An Important Conversation.