February 1st, 2015


A First Class Train Trip From Kwailong To Bao Shung

This follows on from both A Conversation By Moonlight and Icing On The Cake. It runs to 2,702 words.

We left the Inn of the Tenth Reflection shortly after breakfast the next day, having been in residence for a week, as hotel billing counts things. Master Que had discussed honorariums for the staff with me over breakfast, not so that I would pay them but so that I would understand how such things worked. I’m not sure whether his disbursement had been on the generous side or if the Inn was simply very old fashioned, but the entire staff lined up and bowed us good bye when we left. I asked Master Que about it on our way to the station but he dismissed it with a wave of his hand that indicated that the subject was unimportant.

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This is now followed by A Week in Bao Shung.