July 8th, 2013

cat wearing fez

News From The Depths

After a false start I wrote this to jeriendhal's prompt "Contemplating the depths."

Queen Melia was enthroned and bestowing formal audience before her Royal Court. Various matters had been dealt with and the silver tailed mermaid before her was the last of the petitioners. “And so we beg Your Majesty’s approval.”

“I shall give this matter thought and provide you with an answer by the end of the day,” the Queen promised. The petitioner backed away and the Queen glanced around the room, her magnificent tail among the darkest in the room. “Are there any other matters to be brought before me?”

In answer the announcement came from the entrance to the audience chamber, “General Prince Tu!”

“My son!” Queen Melia did not rise but she was glad to see him back, looking, she noted, every inch a warrior demi-god and a grandson of Triton. “What news do you bring?” He also looked worried despite his calm, public face.

“Your Majesty,” he bowed before her, trident in hand and that flea-bitten war eel of his by his side, “Kraken and Leviathan are stirring. Our contacts on the land, both centaur and human, report that not only do Echidna and Typhon stir also, but a comet has been sighted that will pass through Sagittarius and move towards the moon’s path shortly before the eclipse.” There were quiet, worried sounds around the room then Tu added, “I have taken the liberty, You Majesty, of tripling the watch along the Great Trench so as to deal with any lesser threats that flee the depths ahead of their awakening.”

“It may not yet be the time, General Prince Tu,” Melia sat erect on her throne, “but I agree that we must act as if it is likely. Increasing the guard on the Great Trench was well thought of. All our strongholds must be checked and their stores increased in readiness. The populace must be warned to prepare to evacuate into them. It seems that dark days may lie ahead.”