February 2nd, 2013


Landing Page: The Angel Universe

I sometimes write stories set in a polytheistic world where angels are a theological and objective physical reality, created by the gods as their servants. The Benarians are convinced that they are the favoured people of the gods, while angels recruit and drop a word, or a scroll, in the ears of the wise to influence events and outside the bounds of creation the vard plot to undo everything. This is the home of Tala, the angel in service to Thaladaneth, The Thirteenth Swordlord known also as The Black Scabbard.

The stories in this universe so far are:


Choices And Consequences;

Just Curious;

An Angel With A Message;

The Man With The Bucket;

The First Of Her Kind;

The Work

Might Have Beens;

Tala’s Fight;

An Instructive Conversation;

The Need For Vigilance;

How Large Is The Problem;

Some Days Are Worse Than Others;


Finding Something To Run To;

Correcting Assumptions;

A Philosophical Discussion;



Back When There Was Water On The Moon;


A Staff With a Knob On It;

Initial Orders; and

Rainbow Tears.