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The Flashy One
This was written to an over-the-shoulder prompt from The Offspring, to whit "The hero who likes being flashy."

“Sequins, darling. Lots and lots of sequins.” Madam Zerefna shuddered artistically. “I have no idea where they get these people from. I had to go and have a quiet lie down just from looking at him.”

“I would have thought that was from the stress of being robbed by gun-toting bandits,” commented her friend, Madam Garner.

“Oh no, they were perfectly nice,” dismissed Madam Zerefna. “Aside from the guns, of course. Nice well cut suits, lovely manners and you could tell they’d not only had elocution lessons but had worked hard at improving their accents.” She sipped at her tea. “I could barely tell that they were from the western end of the state.”

“Well, they do say that The Black Spike likes his minions to be well turned out, even the ones without powers.” Madam Garner selected a sweet biscuit.

“They could certainly dance better than that sequin-wearing eyesore of a hero.” Madam Zerefna sighed and added, “Really, if he dances that badly he shouldn’t go around challenging people to a dance off, even if he does provide his own sound track.”

“Well they say that Pulverisor used to supply his own commentary in the third person, so it could have been worse,” offered her friend.

“Or he could have been wearing a cape, with more sequins,” agreed Madam Zerefna. “I thought it was all over when Nerada and Flashnet jumped them from behind but then sequin boy offered to sing.”


“His team mates told him not to. They were so right – he can’t.”

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It has been suggested to me that he's a professional distraction.

That could be quite effective. Especially if the singing is bad enough ...

And the dancing - don't forget the dancing!

Or the sequins...

I love this!

More stories should explore supers settings beyond simply guy-in-costume punching guy-in-costume.

I'm reminded of a Whateley Academy story in which some characters visited a store whose owner did fashion design for villains (not just costumes for the villain but also for minions with a goal there for cost conscious fashion) whose first reaction when a raiding party came in was not to fight back but to critique the fashion failings of the attackers.

Edited at 2014-12-31 09:07 am (UTC)

Would that store take on supers on the sly? This bloke may need help, also singing and dance teachers.

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