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Reminder - December 2014 Prompt Call
Just a reminder that I have an open prompt call that's not due to finish for a few days yet.

Also I have written all to the wonderful prompts I've received and now I'm promptless.

Please prompt!

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How about the number 5, and for inspiration, the phrase "THAT'S not supposed to be there!"?

Assuming I've understood the prompt call correctly, that is...

I know I keep popping up as Anonymous; it's not so much that I wish to be antisocial as I hate signing up for things I don't use, and it seems to me to be rather silly to sign up to a journal site and only use it to comment on other people's stories (and that infrequently). If you have other Anonymouses (Anonymice?), feel free to lump my suggestion in with theirs.

If there's another social media site you use, LJ does support openid logins, so you can comment nonymously here with a facebook/twitter/g+/etc account.

Or if you want to be slightly less anonymous, you could pick a moniker to sign with, even if it's not authenticated.

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