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Nip In The Bud 2

This follows on from Nip In The Bud and comes courtesy of kunama_wolf and the number three.

The team from the Directorate of Public Health and Safety had their equipment set up and in place before the Illusian Sun reached orbit. Even if you knew it was there, it just looked like part of the standard scanning equipment used across human-frequented space for detecting bodily smuggled goods, communicable diseases and controlled substances. It was the same equipment, just more sensitive than the standard equipment and calibrated slightly differently.

It was, in fact the trigger of a trap and it was set up to cover everything and everyone that left the ship, be it crew, passenger or cargo .

The light skirmishers covered the personnel side of things while the girl with the heavy weapons, the Scryer and the Cybertech covered the cargo area. The light skirmishers had tranquilizers. The others didn’t.

The Colonial Manager asked the obermaaster, “Why tranquilizers?”

“We don’t believe that any thralls boarded the ship at Aled and it’s been too short a time for any thralls they made en route to have developed permanent brain chemistry changes. Anyone aboard who’s been converted should still be recoverable,” answered Obermaaster Felidas.

Colonial Manager Reebz echoed weakly, “Should still be recoverable?”

“Yes. If we’re right that no thralls boarded the ship at Aled and assuming they had no reason to make, oh, heavy combat thralls.”

Tags: grimdark, prompt call 141223
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