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The Cadet: Part 15

Thanks to kelkyag and the number five, here is some more of The Cadet. It comes after The Cadet: Part 14.

Four days into the exercise Parthi Gens was returning to her quarters after an evening exercise activity when she ran into one of her academy year mates. The first thing she noticed about him was that all of his visible skin was pink. The second was that he seemed dazed, even confused. He was carrying a tool box, which made sense with his damage control assignment, but they were now in part of the ship that hadn’t been involved in the evening’s exercise scenario, although perhaps the Chief Engineer was making use of the extra hands at his disposal.

“Hi, Kremerskorn. How’s it going?” He looked at her blankly in return. “Kremerskorn, what happened to you? You’re pink.”

“It waz just a simulation,” he slurred. “Good effects. Pretty plasma burst. Gotta go.”

“Kremerskorn,” Parthi was beginning to be worried, “where do you think you are, right now?”

“Onma way to main engineering, gotta hand in my report.” He focused his eyes on her with apparent difficulty. “Whatta you doing here?”

“Getting you help.” Parthi clicked on her war kit’s built in comms unit, “This is Cadet Gens, I transmit in the blue,” she gave the code for a non-exercise medical related transmission. “I’m on J Deck, nearest junction 57K. I have found a disoriented crew member who appears to be suffering a flash burn and is talking about a ‘simulated’ plasma burst. Medical and engineering assistance requested.”

“Whaddya mean, J deck? This is C deck. Gotta be C deck, that’s where engineering is.” Kremerskorn began to look agitated.

“Not to worry, Kremerskorn,” Parthi put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, noting that the fabric felt lightly scorched, “they’ll be here to sort us out in a few minutes.”

This is followed by The Cadet: Part 15a.
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