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'Tis The Season
Cowgirl Nymph
I wrote this to the latest Thimbleful Thursday prompt.

It was the time of year when you turned all outside lights off at night and kept watch on the sky. When you didn’t run loud engines during the day and listened for the sound of impacts. The time when eyes and ears were alert at all the hours of the clock because it was when the planet passed through the debris field left by the Final Battle that’d ended the war between the Twin Empires. It could’ve ended both Empires because neither had visited the planet since the battle.

It was five to midnight when Solara saw the flaming debris path, logged it with the county and the shire central databases, and set off for the impact point. Even if she hadn’t logged it, Solara probably would’ve had no competition for the potential treasure because the impact zone was beyond her boundaries and her place was at the end of the road in those parts.

It took her three hours to reach the impact site, travelling cross country and in the dark. The debris looked like it was going to be worth it though; metal gleamed through the landscape-gouged scratches in the carbon coating on a lump of superstructure the size of her truck. In the middle of it was a coffin shaped-object, its lights gleaming a healthy blue.

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