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An Old Friend
I wrote this to kelkyag's prompt. It follows on from Logic Fail (2).

A waiter coughed quietly behind the woman in the apricot dress, the one who objected to Mayin ‘flirting’ with a member of their former enemy. “Will madam be rejoining her own party or leaving now?” He asked the question in a polite and neutral tone.

Diverted, the woman turned to look at him and said, “I beg your pardon?”

“After the scene madam has made in confronting another customer, madam has a choice: either return to her own party and be circumspect for the rest of the evening or; leave. Right now.” The waiter positively loomed at the woman in apricot, and Mayin recognised him – Rigo, another former member of her unit, had once spent six weeks undercover as a steward in an enemy officers’ mess.

“You can’t talk to me like that!” The woman bridled in indignation.

“Madam,” Rigo’s voice remained calm, “it is my job to speak to you like that and, if you refuse or are unable to choose one of the options I’ve presented, it becomes my task to remove you from the premises.” His expression remained almost neutral as he added, “With all due discretion, of course.”

“I’ll scream.” There was a rising pitch to her voice.

“Madam can attempt to scream, but the manager feels that you have done enough damage to the evening’s ambience already.” Rigo flexed his shoulders ever so slightly.

“But she-,”

“Is an old friend of mine and if he hurts her, I will kill him.” Rigo smiled. “I promise.”

This is followed by A Walk In The Park.

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That was unexpected. I'm most curious to meet someone else from Mayin's unit. Interesting that Mayin hadn't noticed him yet, but she's been just a wee bit distracted. <wonders if he just jumped in, or if he's actually working at the restaurant>

He works there. Security that blends into the background and can actually wait tables when they need the hands.

Ah! Sense, thank you. An obvious bouncer wouldn't be so welcome in a fancy restaurant. I'm suprised they need one often enough to have one on staff, but he does seem to have an appropriate facade.

Maybe they've had a few nasty experiences? Maybe they have a high profile clientele?

I am torn between curiosity and not wanting to sidetrack the story. :)

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