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Meanwhile, On Ritorian
I wrote this to aldersprig's first prompt.

Ritorian had been settled as part of Firilis’ defensive diaspora and it had begun with all the advantages that Firilis had given the other colonies. Then one important piece of terraforming equipment had failed. Attempting to repair it had killed two of the colony’s guides and their absence plus the inability to use the equipment that had killed them saw administration of the colony and its development program out of human hands by the time the third generation of colonists was reaching maturity.

The older two generations told them that they were living in labour camps, not towns, and that was certainly true. Participation in assigned work details was enforced by the Central Unit and its security drones, as was non-participation on days when work details had not been assigned. Breeding protocols were certainly in place but, generally, did not need to be actively enforced. Progress remained on track and every so often the Central Unit conducted surveys.

“What does this mean?” Sutoi looked up from the electronic pad he’d been given to work on. “Do you associate a colour or colours with the summer festival? If so, what?”

“I didn’t get that one,” replieded Garmedua. “I’ve got ‘Are you interested in making images for your own pleasure and/or the pleasure of others? If so, what type of images are you interested in? If you are uncertain as to your answer for any of these questions, would you be interested in undertaking a series of sanctioned introductory classes in work hours?’ What’s that about?”

The Central Unit local module interrupted with, “Human psychological maintenance for optimal physical and social functioning requires dynamic adjustment to ongoing systems. All questions are designed to elicit responses that will allow the design of systems to produce best case outcomes for the Colonial Development Program and for the colonists. Please resume answering questions. Please answer all questions presented to you. Thank you.”

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In-teresting. *perks ears* thank you.

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