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Prompt Call December 2014

Hi! It’s almost Christmas and I am on public holidays, Christmas/New Year stand down and leave until almost the final third of January.

Theoretically at least, this gives me time to write thus I am opening up a prompt call to run until I get up on Saturday morning, 3 January 2015 that is now CLOSED. The aim of this is to clear up some of my writing back log, i.e. things I’ve started and haven’t gotten around to finishing or have been distracted from. (See! There’s another pretty, shiny idea over there!) At the moment I have ten of those things on my list.

For this prompt call I am asking for a whole number from 1 to 10 inclusive and a prompt. This will get you 200 hundred words on my incomplete project and 250 words to your prompt.

If you signal boost me on one platform then you will get 125 more words on your prompt. If you signal boost me on two platforms, e.g. Twitter and Live Journal, then you can choose between 250 more words on your first prompt or 250 words on a second prompt.

If you might feel inclined to throw money at me, then $1AUD will get you 100 more words on your prompt.

If I receive $20AUD, then I’ll get pizza.

If I get $30AUD, then I’ll write 250 words to a second prompt for randomly chosen prompter.

If I get $40AUD, then I’ll be very surprised and write 250 words to a randomly chosen prompt – this could be 250 more words to a prompt that has already been written to. Plus I will consider further incentive levels, when I get over my surprise.

If I do raise money beyond pizza levels then I will use it either buy an art or sponsor another writer.

And here is my donation button. Thank you for even considering using it.

Prompt Extensions

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And after three attempts to make it bigger, it seems that this entry's text is going to be this big and no bigger...


More about the history of the barrier worlds?

That one! Sorry, blanked on the name


you've signal boosted me on three different platforms for a total of 375 extra words. Do you want them all on the prompt you've already given me or do you want a second prompt?

Iiiiiiii want....

More of Wolf Pack!

Please. :-D


Piece of cake / droukha / koblek



And... Oh! Prince of Cats! I keep thinking of one of my favorite MST3K episodes, Prince of Space when I see that title.

Defensive diaspora

Two boosts: DW, LJ

With two boosts you have enough words for a second prompt, it you want it, or I can put them all into your stated prompt.

Also, is there any specific part of the defensive diaspora that you'd like to see?

Your words for the number six are here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/202023.html

(along with words I'd started writing and not gotten back to...)

I have put all your words into Voting With Her Feet 3 which is here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/203695.html

Please let me if you remember what you had in mind for the defensive diaspora.

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