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Flower person
I know there are places where honey bee populations are collapsing. I'm also sure that I've seen other types of bee in my backyard on occasion. (Please keep in mind that I live on a different continent to many of you.)

In my backyard there is a himalayan ash tree. It's planted around here as a street tree and generally, in that situation, grows to about six foot tall and is sort of round. However if, as in my garden, they are protected from the west and have a cool, damp root run, then they get considerably taller.

At the moment they are flowering. Each flower is a tiny, insignificant uninteresting thing but they're produced in branch-bending quantities. They don't look like they'd have much to offer in the way of nectar or pollen.

So, the tree in my backyard is in bloom and the lowest flowers are about ten feet over my head. There are so many bees in that tree that I can hear it buzzing...

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It is good to know there are reserves of healthy wild bees! Here, presently, any bees that are going to survive the winter are dormant. Most of the bees I see when they're active are bumble bees, though other sorts show up occasionally.

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