rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Cold Turkey 2

This follows on from Cold Turkey.

Putting Aristaney Filomen in a detox ward room wasn’t easy. She didn’t fight back, she didn’t cry or swear, but she did act as if she were boneless so that she had to be dragged every inch of the way and she continuously asked for her medication. By the time she’d been admitted and locked into her spartan room, the two athletic security guards doing the dragging were exhausted.

On their way back to their next appointment, Dr Carr’s assistant asked, “Are you sure that cutting off her meds completely is a good idea, doctor? It’s an unusual combination but one element is an anti-psychotic. Miss Filomen seems stable at the moment and I wouldn’t like to take that away from her.”

“That would be unfortunate, Dr Adesina, but the addictive component also has a psychotropic effect, so her medication balance will be disrupted anyway.” Dr Carr gave a wintery smile. “I cannot imagine any condition she might have that would justify making Miss Filomen an addict without hope of rehabilitation. When her current drugs clear her system, we will find her a better solution.”

“I’m concerned that so much of her file is redacted,” pressed on Dr Adesina. “I’d like to see what I can dig up on Watford Syndrome.”

“To confirm it exists? Do it.”

Cold Turkey 3 is here.
Tags: aristaney, thimbleful thursday
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