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Suggestions for Nai
Months ago I received this prompt on the bingo card:

"Trying something new: Nai, maybe for her birthday?"

My problem is that, now I'm up to that episode of Nai, I'm coming up blank on something new to try that fits in with the plot, background and character. Thus, I am appealing for suggestions.

There's no guarantee I'll use your idea but I'm hoping to at least get a train of thought started in my head.

Thanking you all in advance for your suggestions.

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I suppose the big question is 'who is actually going to remember her birthday'. ;)

Master Que seems to be good about things like that, but on the other paw, has anyone actually told him her birthday? He might be more apt to celebrate the anniversary of when he took her on as a student. But wait, he knows that she was 'seventeen and a half and a bit' so he might arrange something.

Probably something that would seem very inappropriate at first... A date with a male consort?

Her parents have been awfully forgetful of her, but on the other paw, they do seem to have her 18th birthday as some sort of deadline by which they want to have her settled.

Master Que knows when her birthday is and has made some suggestions for things she might do (though IIRC he suggested saving going out dancing all night for after tournament season). I'm most curious about the option of having her birth prediction expanded upon, but she's already gone to see a fortune teller, so I'm not sure how new that is ...


With Master Que's encouragement, she's been pretty good about getting herself stuff, both good quality necessary and some fripperies, so I'm not sure if there's anything in that space she wants (or has any place to keep, while they're in travelling so much). That said, having had very little stuff new or of her own as a kid, maybe there is. Those books Master Que mentioned? Does she have any hobbies besides practicing gi?

Experiences! Meet someone she admires? Go out for a hike or to explore the countryside? (We've mostly seen her in cities.) Whatever the local culture's equivalent of going out clubbing would be? Visiting a historic site of some flavor she's interested in? Something relevant to her talent&skill with Earth Sciences? Visiting universities, meeting folks her own age she might click with? Going out on a date?

Edited at 2014-12-30 05:25 am (UTC)

I have a bout a page of the episode to go. Thank you for reminding me about the books!

Heh. I went back to this post for other reasons, and discovered I'd duplicated about half of the first paragraph, and thus edited it. Sorry about that!

The books are quite intriguing. :)

Foods - icky sounding ones like cow stomach (what are the animals in this setting anyway?)
Experiences - flying? Surely someone who's an air user could help out
Thoughts - maybe explore more on religion? Philosophy?
Something awful/funny/shocking/thought-provoking... maybe about the history of her teacher?

Hrm maybe I should go on an archive binge, I can't remember what HAS happened.

There WAS a _very_ big gap between episodes.

So I went and did that.
I stumbled across a landing pg, it's missing this post on literature in the setting: http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/164485.html

It'd definitely be her teacher who remembers her birthday, he mentions getting a better prediction TWICE.
She also randomly visited what sounded like a tarot reader at a carnival thing. Point is, the reader was foreign.
Also there are mentions of foreign Harry/Ha Ri.
For someone who's 18, she doesn't seem to have the slightest inclination towards sexual matters. I am intrigued by the idea that she may be asexual/aromantic.

Hope that helps get the inspiration going!

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