rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Underwater Basket-Weaving

I wrote this to a Thimbleful Thursday prompt.

“These ‘foundation’ classes are ridiculous,” complained Nea, tossing her dark curls as she spoke. “I know the university didn’t want us, but really!”

Eric looked around the group and sighed. “I wanted to get into university and the disadvantage funding provisions are great, but could they insult our intelligence more if they tried?”

“I know; we did this stuff years ago in high school,” Hilary growled. “Perhaps they’re trying to bore us into leaving, and this class-.” She stopped talking as the instructor arrived and closed the door.

“Welcome,” he smiled, “to Underwater Basket-Weaving or, as we in Political Science like to call it, Memetic and Political Subversion 101.”

Tags: thimbleful thursday
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